What is this ?

This is a blog to look into the world of Graphic Communication. To look at work I admire as a designer and deconstruct the ideas and thinking behind my own work.

Design is a loose term. It covers so much and when decoded can reveal a lot about the artist and why they have made decisions to do things in a certain way. I plan to look at and evaluate the work of designers whose aim is to make you think about their creations and designers who have fun elements in their work. My study will be based on artists that have inspired me within my own work and try to understand what it is about their work that makes me stop and look at it, but also how we read into what they are communicating.

My personal work tries to achieve this by metaphorical design. This is work that has a suggestive and involvement element with the audience. If a person engages with the work it is more likely that it will be a memorable experience for them. My objective is to create work that speaks for itself, but which also carries a message that has a personal connection to me. My aim is to create a visually stimulating piece of design that engages the audience and communicates my message – “In the mountains, there you feel free” .

Development of my ideas is taken through a process of considered thinking, sketching ideas and jotting notes also researching artists, illustrators and designers whose work inspires me and how I can use them to create my own outcomes.

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